Special offers for 2022
Family huntsBook the entire camp (up to 6 hunters) for $12000 + license and tags.
every hunter has a license. group can harvest 3 deer. Additional deer can be taken on a trophy fee basis. please contact us for more information. 

British Columbia Moose Hunts -  $6000 USD.     
We managed to secure some Rut hunt moose tags for this fall. The bad news is we weren't able to get them earlier, so never had a lot of time to sell the hunts. This is great news for you though. We are offering our moose hunts at a huge discount for this fall only. $6000 USD gets you 9 days of hunting moose during prime rut. We will even include licenses and tags in this deal. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. 


* May not be combined with any other offer.  License, tags and appicable tax extra.